Be A Fool, Full Of Craziness

A client told me that, quite literally, some people said to her that her vision for life was foolish because no one can fight the reality and institution, the smart ones are the ones play by the book.

This is one of the saddest things I’ve ever heard.

Many people came in my life at the verge sharing something so important about their lives but before spilling it out, they would keep repeating, “You will think I am crazy.”

Honestly, the human race is already on our way to explore to live on another planet so many light years away; nothing is crazy.

Our society have made us so short-sighted. We believe that what we can see for this life time is all there is. We are indoctrinated to be “smart about things”.

What we forget is that for all the convenience of modern life, the electricity, the airplane, the vaccines, the computer, the internet or even the iRobot are here to serve us because some stupid, crazy people decided to achieve something no one had ever achieved before. If not for them, we might as well still living in caves and try to light fire with two wood sticks.

Or, in the eyes of gene evolution, the human kind still exist is because probably thousands of year ago some fool believed that he can kill those large animals and provide food. I am pretty sure that fool’s gene survived instead of those who were afraid to take up the risk. So basically, we are descendants of foolish and crazy people.

It is precisely because of huge amount of craziness through history, I get to sit here, writing this this very moment.

No, you don’t need to aspire to be neither some next breaking ground inventor nor some human race leader.

How happy and fulfilled do you feel today staying safe, following rules, meeting expectations and not thinking about your dreams?

The so-called society or institution are created by humans. Anything that can be created can be changed, upgraded, rendered obsolete or re-created.

No, I am not saying that it’s easy to stand under criticism or to be mocked or to feel not understood and alone.

Yet, Our lives, YOUR LIFE, DESERVE all the wonder and greatness there is and it’s really up to you to choose to be the fool who strives for it.

Plus, it’s always easier to play in your own game than in others’.


What’s that one thing in your heart that you consider too crazy to shout it out loud from the roof top?





  • Are you an achiever, a doer and a go getter? Achieving is daily life for you; yet, is there a voice constantly telling you you are not enough?
  • Have you had setbacks, heart breaks, challenges, struggles and you simply get up and get going?
  • Do you have parts of you neatly tucked away because everyone says those will stop you from being successful?
  • Do you play by the rules in every aspect of your life and feel exhausted and lost?
  • Do you have a story or a truth burning inside; yet, you never have the permission to speak it out?

Do you want to believe there is another way to Lead and Live that is full of compassion and love by your own definition?

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I am a surfer, a mind explorer, a writer and a lifestyle coach.

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Shuang-Min Chang

Shuang-Min Chang

I am a surfer, a mind explorer, a writer and a lifestyle coach.

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