I Love You Already.

When you come into contact with me, I love you already.

At a time that the emotions so talked about, ironically, we definitely have it harder to simply love.

Love has come loaded with criteria, expectations, standards, definitions if not more. We are exhausted by the sheer thought of it and would give everything to stay away.

Everyone claims that they want and are searching for love; yet, we’ve created more expressions to avoid saying love than any other time in history.

A simple sentence,“I love you”, can get so wrapped up in word play.

“I like you very much.”

“I like to hang out with you.”

“You are fun to be with.”

We spend so much energy measuring and categorizing the affection we have towards another person that we have no energy left to love at each present moment.

Even loving ourselves is a task needing hundreds of best sellers to elaborate on.

How can we be so lost?

I was on the quest for love, all sorts, for the better part of my life. No matter how much I found, something was missing until the day I realize that I AM LOVE.

Imagine for a moment. We as human beings are the most complicated mechanism in this world. If without love, how can such magnificent being come into being?

As I am love, I am always capable of loving in the way the receiving side is able to receive.

Have you ever feel another person doesn’t love you enough?

Have you ever feel that you’ve given everything but it seemed to be never enough?

We can only receive that much as we allow it into our life and it has to be freed as is without expectations or standards. Same, if the receiver has pre-defined lens of what is love and not, he or she wouldn’t be able to receive everything we have.

This is why it’s so easy to love nature because it’s always open to receive and it makes us feel whatever we give is good enough.

Would you rather spending time counting how much love you receive and how much is lost or feeling loved all the time?

I know. It brings hurt and pain and tears every now and then.

Yet, giving everything we are as love is the best freedom we can gift ourselves in this bustling, lonely modern world.





  • Are you an achiever, a doer and a go getter? Achieving is daily life for you; yet, is there a voice constantly telling you you are not enough?
  • Have you had setbacks, heart breaks, challenges, struggles and you simply get up and get going?
  • Do you have parts of you neatly tucked away because everyone says those will stop you from being successful?
  • Do you play by the rules in every aspect of your life and feel exhausted and lost?
  • Do you have a story or a truth burning inside; yet, you never have the permission to speak it out?

Do you want to believe there is another way to Lead and Live that is full of compassion and love by your own definition?

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I am a surfer, a mind explorer, a writer and a lifestyle coach.

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Shuang-Min Chang

Shuang-Min Chang

I am a surfer, a mind explorer, a writer and a lifestyle coach.

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