Let Success Out of The Box

Shuang-Min Chang
3 min readMar 31, 2022


All my clients want to create success and sense of achievement in their lives.

They are certainly not rookies in the hall of creating success, professionally and personally, ticking all boxes on the societal check list.

“Am I going to make it this time?” is a constant voice in their heads.

“What’s next?” is their default mode.

Efficiency, productivity and discipline are three of the most wanted boosts.

When I asked myself, “what’s next” in December 2017, I freaked myself out because I just got the news I would hit the 10-year goal I set for myself at age 25 3 days ago.

3 days was all it took for the adrenaline to subside and for the excitement to fall into complete silence.

I judged myself heard for asking this question. How ungrateful and insatiable by asking this question.

Since the day I left corporate which was exactly 3 years ago, I threw away everything that made me successful, the company name, the title, the big city lifestyle, the salary and the package if not more.

Not long after, the anxiety of what if I couldn’t make it to success this time hit. It was excruciating internal doubt.

I was on a quest of finding the answers about being successful.

Does it really need a resume as proof of existence?

Does it really need anything as a proof of existence?

If all our destination is the same and equal, what does being successful really means?

Don’t get me wrong. At the same time, I fully acknowledge the need to feel a sense of achievement and purpose.

Does this sense have to come from ticking the success check list the society so generously hands to us the day we were born?

I checked the boxes others set for me, depression.

I checked the boxes I designed for myself, I realized it was not good enough to live my own life.

Let’s broadly include all the emotions and feelings as the definition of success, no matter they are triggered by outer world or fueled by the inner world.

How can I have them all the time for rest of my life whether I go through the process of collecting evidences and proving them?

And again, if I am going to lie stone cold, senseless at the last day, what does success mean to me?





  • Are you an achiever, a doer and a go getter? Achieving is daily life for you; yet, is there a voice constantly telling you you are not enough?
  • Have you had setbacks, heart breaks, challenges, struggles and you simply get up and get going?
  • Do you have parts of you neatly tucked away because everyone says those will stop you from being successful?
  • Do you play by the rules in every aspect of your life and feel exhausted and lost?
  • Do you have a story or a truth burning inside; yet, you never have the permission to speak it out?
  • Do you do yoga, meditation and the whole set of spiritual practice but still find no peace and flow?

Do you want to claim your innate freedom, show up with untethered love and dare your deepest and boldest dreams?


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